Computational Fluid Dynamics - CFD

Computational Fluid Dynamics Services

We undertake CAD PROJECTS & SERVICES in the areas of product development & design beginning from the concept development and component design and Solid & surface modeling, parametric feature based modeling, assembly modeling & 2D Drafting and Reverse engineering.

We undertake reverse engineering activities or rare and old components which are needed to be replicated using high end software like pro-e and catia, and further to generate 20 drawings for manufacturing.


Engineering CFD/CAE Solutions

Capabilities in FEA

  • Structural Analysis - Linear, Non Linear
  • Dynamic Analysis - Steady-state, Transient
  • Thermal Analysis -Conduction, Convection, Radiation, Conjugate Heat Transfer
  • Noise-Vibration
  • Multi-Physics Simulation
  • Parameterization and Optimization

Capabilities in CFD

  • Laminar, Turbulent and Transitional Flows c:> Heat Transfer & Conjugate Heat Transfer c:> Multi-Species Flows
  • Turbo Machinery Flows
  • Multi-Phase Flows & Phase Change c:> Moving & Deforming Mesh
  • Fluid Structure Interactions (FSI)
  • Aero acoustics
  • Electronics cooling
  • Building HVAC and ducting flows
  • Parameterization and Optimization