Aerospace - Reliability & System Safety Assessment


Aerospace - Reliability & System Safety Assessment

BE Analytics’ Reliability & Safety Engineering team improves and maintains the safety and reliability of products throughout the development life cycle. Once a product is in service, they assess safety and reliability issues and help identify potential solutions, communicating with Design/System Engineers to find the optimal balance between reliability and performance. BE Analytic successfully handled increasingly stringent" legislation, and more demanding customers. Our Reliability Engineers are well read in different Aero & Defense Standards.

BE Analytic involves with Design & Development team/Systems Engineering Team and ensures that your products will meet all the Reliability & Safety compliance, BE Analytic do execute routine tasks like performing:

  • MTBF /Reliability Prediction for Electronic, Mechanical and Electro Mechanical parts
  • Prediction using physics of failure
  • Maintainbility Analysis (MTIR)
  • RBD
  • Direct Maintenance Cost Analysis
  • MSG-3
  • MMEL
  • Life Data Analysis

System Safety Assessment (SSA)

The objective of SSA is to identifying hazard and preliminary risk that contributes and interaction of the subsystems to system hazards. Assessing the results of design and implementation and ensuring that all safety requirements are met

  • FHA (Functional Hazard Analysis)
  • PSSA ( Preliminary System Safety Analysis)
  • Fault Tree Analysis (FTA)
  • Markov Analysis (MA)
  • Common Cause Analysis (CCA)
  • Zonal Safety Analysis (ZSA)
  • Particular Risk Analysis (PRA)
  • Common Mode Analysis
  • Dependency Diagram (DD)
  • Event Tree Analysis (ETA)

We perform SSA as per client's necessity by using different safety standards like MIL-STD-882C, Dl-SAFT-80102A, MIL-STD-1472, SAE ARP4761, FAR/CS 25. 1309 and SAE 4754 A.

Contact BE Analytic for meeting the compliance and making more Safe and Reliable products.